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Using Egnyte hybrid cloud for collaborative work

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05-10-2012 08:45 AM

We are looking at replacing our existing storage structure.  We have two offices and use Globalscape WAFS to replicate the shared project files between them so that users in both offices can work on the same Revit projects.  This has worked reasonably well, but we have outgrown our storage capacity and need to upgrade.  


We are looking at using Egnyte's hybrid cloud solution, which uses local storage synchronized with cloud storage to make files availble to users in multiple locations and from multiple devices.  Kind of like dropbox on steroids.  


My concern is i do not know how the revit central file will handle this type of syncing.  Our current system (Globalscape WAFS) specifically lists Revit support.  The Egnyte rep did not even know what Revit was.  He did know Autocad, but...


I realize that i need to do some testing before we commit.  But i wanted to solicit the forums to see if anyone has done this with Revit files already.  Or if a Revit guru from autodesk would like to comment on the possibilities.