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Tweak Panel Schedule Data

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10-08-2013 10:59 AM

I've been an active user of Revit. Although I'm still learning, it has me totally hooked and makes my work a lot easier. There are a little somethings I'm not sure how it's done and one of them is changing the value displayed in Panel Schedule.

I'll explain the scenario of what exactly I'm trying to achieve.

I have an electrical panel schedule and I have twin sockets connecting to one circuit. Now the sockets are of 2 different type and Revit displayes the total LOAD every sockets make (i.e. Number of socket 1 * load for each and Number of socket 2 * load for each - both separately).

Now what I need in this is not the total load of each socket but just the total number of sockets of each type. Do you think this is achieveable? Maybe by custom variable...?

As a side note, I would also appreciate if anyone could tell me whether it is possible to export panel schedules into txt, excel or any other format.

Thank you so much in advance!
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Re: Tweak Panel Schedule Data

10-08-2013 02:06 PM in reply to: auriff_basha

I recently modeled a project involving residential units, where the electrical load is based on watts per sq. ft. and the kitchen has fixed number of required circuits. In order to use the Revit panel schedule feature, I copied the default receptacle and named it 'Dwell..." with an assigned load of 0-VA. Than I had specific outlets, common to each residential unit, where I assigned the VA for the kitchen receptacle circuit (for example). I could still circuit all of the receptacles I needed but avoided having a runaway VA (based on qty x 180VA). This doen's answer your question, but it might suggest a work around.


With regards to exporting Revit Panel Schedules, this cannot be done without third party software.

Diane M
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