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Supply Air & Return Air Systems Help

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01-19-2011 05:49 PM



I need some help trying to create a supply air system and a return air system. I have created a 'packaged a/c unit' that has a duct connector of supply air system and the connection type is out. Also on this unit is a return air mixing plenum with a duct connector for return air and connection type in.


couple of things i'd like to know;


- do the connectors need to be linked

- do i need connectors between the a/c unit and the mixing/filter plenum

- do the diffuser connectors have to be system specific, and if so then i would need 2 separate families for supply and return

- where can i learn about the correct properties for the connectors (ie, flow configuration, flow direction, system type, loss method)

- with all these defined systems, supply, return, exhaust, outside air, what desired information can i obtain from these figures




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Re: Supply Air & Return Air Systems Help

01-20-2011 09:22 AM in reply to: dahandfull-AU

Review number 4 for the correct direction of flow on your connectors.

To answer your questions:


1. No your connectors should not be linked.  You only link connectors when you want the "system" to carry through the equipment, like in a pump or air separator or duct coil.

2. You don't need any connectors inside your equipment.

3. The diffusers don't need to be system specific, but it's better if they are for scheduling purposes and simplifying your systems.

4. Check out this AU handout on system connectors, it from 2008 but still relevant and

5. Once you have the connectors in

 place, you can calculate total CFM/GPM/Load.  Size duct and pipe and tag your equipment, piping and ductwork with any information from the parameters.

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Re: Supply Air & Return Air Systems Help

01-26-2011 03:21 PM in reply to: dahandfull-AU

Great, thanks for the response. Will use this info to further my systems and will let you know of the outcome...



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Re: Supply Air & Return Air Systems Help

10-23-2012 08:37 PM in reply to: dahandfull-AU

Does anybody have a return air plenum box family with multiple connectors ? I would like to make one but I don't have a reference for putting the required parameters and formulas.


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