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Solid piping to Dashed piping filter

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01-27-2012 06:50 AM



I have sanitary piping above the floor (ie parking garage) which must appear solid. When the pipe goes under the floor it needs to appear dashed.


I have been trying to set up a filter to do this which would cover all the underground piping systems I have, but have had no luck.


So, help me if you can, please?



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Re: Solid piping to Dashed piping filter

01-27-2012 09:00 AM in reply to: sforsberg215

Using the view ranges correctly can help with this easily. Set your Bottom Cut Plane to be FFL or SSL - whichever you require. Then set the view depth to be below the Bottom Cut Plane so all your below slab drainage will show up. You also need to set you linestyle "Beyond" to be dashed as it is set as solid by deafult (I think).


That will then show what you are looking for. However be aware that as you start to look further below the bottom cut plane to see the drawing you may also see building elements appear.

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Re: Solid piping to Dashed piping filter

01-30-2012 02:33 PM in reply to: julianjameson8403

The other options is to create a parameter for Vertical position, we did this as we required to see:


  • Below Floor
  • Low Level
  • High Level
  • Ceiling space

In one view, filters then to change linetype, can be laborious as the user needs to remember to fill in the parameter for each new pipe and pipe fitting. Would be nice to be able to filter by height but dioesn't appear to be readilt available, would like someone to prove me wrog on that one.


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