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Revit MEP/Plant 3D

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01-17-2012 10:00 AM

Dear Autodesk,


Does anyone here know if Revit MEP will have Plant 3D capabilities in the near future? We do a lot of industrial piping and use Plant 3D for Wet Mechanical and there are a lot of Nay-Sayers that think Revit MEP is really weak for that application. My background is Electrical but take part in BIM management. Some advice would be great regarding this arena.



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Re: Revit MEP/Plant 3D

01-17-2012 11:53 AM in reply to: p_bergsieker

I have done several ethonal plants using Bently Plant.


As a plumber designer, I would say that Revit MEP is a minimum of 5 years away from being ready for plumbing piping. With the limited amount of families that comes with current Revit MEP, for plant work one would have to create a family for each fitting, for each type material, for each method of connection. Creating actual piping systems is limited to what comes with Revit and "other". For plumbing, it is still difficult to have a sanitary vent pipe connect to a sanitary sewer outlet.


Creating equipment with all the proper connections is really too difficult when compared to Bently and AutoCad 3D. As for manufacturer's content, there is little standardization for how "families", or smart blocks for Revit, are created. Do not expect anything downloaded from any internet website to work properly, or at all. For me it is a treat when something does work.


I also found Bently to handle the actual creating in 3D space much better than Revit. Revit actually does not like it when one tries create piping, or move or change anything in a 3D view. So, what's the point.


Revit is data base software, not drawing software. It works very well for archectural work. Revit is not designed for engineering. If my work did not rely on architects for work, I would stay away from this software as long as I could.

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