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Revit MEP 2013 Switchboard Template

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03-25-2013 09:01 AM



Is this a bug?  See attachment.  The width of the switchboard was set to 8" in the Template Settings.  Once the was edited and reapplied to the schedule, as it was dragged onto the sheet is appears that the Electric-Circuiting portion of the template extends beyond the 8" previously set, for no exact reason.  Is there something that I'm missing?  The template appears accurate with the border trace in the Edit Panelboard editor and all, but when refreshing or reapplying the template, the extension on the right side of the "Load" column shows up.  Thoughts?


Observations regarding Panel Schedule Templates overall,


For those of you wanting using calculated formulas for cells, the "Format Units" settings cannot be modified on a calculated cell - bummer.  This means that if you want to report kVA unit totals, the calculated cell will report the results in VA:smileyfrustrated:.  Overriding the units in a calculated cell is a must.  Not even "digit grouping" works for calculated cells.  Nice feature overall, but useless if consistency is a must.  Please fix, or advise on how to do so.


Another bug I came across was the panel schedule template allows reporting the Apparent Phase Loads per circuit in kVA.  However, when the "Max # of Poles" is set beyond 42 circuits (even if your template is set for 84 circuits), and the template is reapplied, the cells values revert back to VA notation - bug.  In spite of the fact that now the NEC allows branch panelboards greater than 42 circuits.  This should be fixed.

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Re: Revit MEP 2013 Switchboard Template

03-25-2013 09:19 AM in reply to: lar70

I've run into a few flaws when dealing with Panel Schedule Templates, including the graphical one you mention. I posted about it.


Panel Schedule Graphical Error


Were your troublesome Panel Schedule Template create in 2012 and upgraded/imported into 2013? The default template in MEP 2012 was corrupt, I believe. At least for me and several others I've heard about.

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Re: Revit MEP 2013 Switchboard Template

03-25-2013 09:49 AM in reply to: CADastrophe

Interesting that you mention that because I used the MEP 2013 out-of-box template for the regular panel schedule template, and I did not have this issue.  It appears that the Switchboard template "out-of-the" box is nothing like the Panelboard template - it's very plain.  It may be an issue that migrated from 2012 version... who knows.  Thanks.

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