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Revit MEP 2012 View Regeneration issue w/ editing pipe

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09-19-2012 01:55 PM

I have been having regeneration issues while editing pipe and pipe systems. The regeneration status bar in the lower left hand corner will regen in half intervals of what percentage is left to load. This occurs with just about every command that is done while editing pipes and pipe systems. Example of what is happening is the regen status bar will go to 50% then stop, 75%>stop, 87%>stop, 94%>stop, 97%>stop, 98%>stop, 99%>stop, 100%>stop, then the command will finally finish and the next element can be drawn, deleted, moved or whatever I am trying to do. A series of commands to draw or delete a simple pipe branch made up of 6 or 7 pipe elements can take up to 10 minutes  to complete.


This only occurs while editing pipe, mostly heating pipe, it does not happen when ductwork is solely being worked on. But if I am working on piping and ductwork then this regen issue will occur with every command. One issue that could be the culprit is Revit 2012 has automated pipe system naming and it is creating a new pipe system name for every element of pipe drawn. So a branch to a terminal unit will end up utilizing 7 different pipe system names associated to it generated automatically by Revit. I have been trying to curb this by actually utilizing pipe systems and corralling the pipes onto specific system names. I then delete out the bunk systems, but then I again run into the regen issue so this task takes forever. 


Here is of some of the things I have tried to do with no change as to how Revit is performing:

-Turned off calculations for pipe systems

-Closed the system browser

-Turn off/turn on hardware acceleration

-Purge and compact the central file

-Detached the central file

-Change the detail level from fine to medium to coarse

-Work with the Visual Style set to Wireframe

-Close any worksets no in use

-Create a new local file every time a new work session is started

-Reduce the number of pipe system names in them model and utilizing piping systems to get consistent pipe system names on a complete pipe system.


I have also sent the model to another user off of my companies network to see if he could re-produce the issue. He did say it was a bit slow due to the file size but he could NOT duplicate the regen issue I have been having.


The central file is fluctuates between 160 and 170 MB. The linked arch file is about 200 MB. The project is large with 6 mechanical spaces through the building. We have about 8 users total in the model between M and E. The regen issue occurs on all machine when editing pipe.


My computer has 12GB of RAM, the processor is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU W5590 @ 3.33GHz (I mam not a computer guru so I don't really know what this means, but I am pretty sure I have at least the recommended hardware for Revit to operate)

My harddrive is about 40% full.


Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Revit MEP 2012 View Regeneration issue w/ editing pipe

09-22-2012 10:43 AM in reply to: MikeBartell

The issue does in fact stem from the fact that Revit in not merging the systems properly; so when a change is made Revit needs to update all of the systems with a single element on it.


This is an issue that has been logged with our Development group who are working to fix the issue.


One work around we have seen is to put different systems or system types on different worksets, then close those worksets. This should cut down on the amount of work Revit has to do.



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