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"No-Plot" Line Style?

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10-24-2012 04:04 PM

Can I hide MEP Hidden Lines with a weight, color, or pattern override?  As far as I know, "Draw MEP Hidden Lines" is a global setting.  There should be a way to hide certain lines with some sort of view filter.  Isn't there such a thing as a line that won't plot?  I can't seem to find it, or create one. 

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Re: "No-Plot" Line Style?

10-24-2012 04:32 PM in reply to: RandMan

There is an "invisible lines" within families. Lines arent included in filters. I guess you could create your own linestyle and uncheck the visibility under visibility/graphic overrides of the view and/or view template.

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Re: "No-Plot" Line Style?

10-24-2012 07:20 PM in reply to: RandMan

Detail lines are view based so you could have a working view and a plotting view.

VG to turn off or set up a View Template.

Or if you plot greyscale/colour you could try using a light grey which would be near invisible when plotted.


Personally I have avoided having unnecessary lines on drawings and on the occaation I have needed to use a detail line for such an instance I delete imediately.

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Re: "No-Plot" Line Style?

10-25-2012 05:32 AM in reply to: RandMan

It's Revit 2013 and there is still no way to draw invisible lines in a Project or create other non-printable elements (i.e. text). Are you aiming to accomplish a specific task? There are many work-around methods at our disposal that might be of use!

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Re: "No-Plot" Line Style?

10-25-2012 08:03 AM in reply to: CADastrophe

Thanks for the respones.  My task is to make money while using the Revit platform.  I'm in the mass-production side of the business.  I need a template that can be used over and over.  I need "notes to Designer" and lines that don't plot, as tools that speed up the production process. 


I tried making my own line syle and turning it off in the view.   Why is there a "no color" button in line styles?  It just comes out black.The global setting keeps hidden lines on no matter what. 


The second screen cap is a family that has connectors under an extrusion.  I know I can just put in masking regions, but that's a hassle. Can I make the extrusion opaque, in the family editor?

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