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Problem with linked AutoCAD drawing

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01-25-2010 11:58 PM
Hello everyone,

Here at our company we have a problem I hope one of you can help solving it. The problem has something to do with linking an AutoCAD file.

In the beginning of the project we linked an AutoCAD file to the Revit model. The AutoCAD draw-ing was representing the terrain layout we are going to put our project on. The AutoCAD file that was linked to Revit was placed on the server, so Revit could reach this file from all the computers at our company. Until now nothing unusual happened. For some time everything went without any problem. Until someone within my company changed the filename of the linked AutoCAD file on the server. As you would expect, Revit gave a warning telling us it can’t find the AutoCAD file anymore. We had this problem before and changing the name back or placing the original Auto-CAD file back to it’s original location always solved the problem.

But this time it all went differed. If we replace the AutoCAD file back to the original position, Revit still claims it can’t find the original AutoCAD file. If we try to unload the link in Revit, Revit crashes. If we try to reload the link, Revit crashes. If we try to reassign a new location Revit gives no warn-ing at all but also does nothing. The old link always returns. We even tried to delete de drawing layer by layer after exploding it. This looked promising at the beginning but as we came at the last layer Revit crashed again.
If we try to delete the drawing with the delete button, Revit crashes. We had like 10 guys looking at this central file of the project and none came up with a solution.

We can’t restore the Revit file to a backup from before the AutoCAD drawing was added. Be-cause it has been in there from the beginning.

My question is fairly simple. Has anyone of you encountered any problem with linking an Auto-CAD file and how did you solve this? Or does any of you guys know some other trick I can try to either delete or unload this AutoCAD drawing? And my final question: Why is it not possible to de-lete a linked drawing when Revit can’t find the original drawing any more?

With best regards,
J Schermerhorn

Drawing made with:AutoCAD 2006
Revit model made with: Structure 2010 and MEP 2010
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Re: Problem with linked AutoCAD drawing

11-21-2013 07:38 AM in reply to: JSchermerhorn

I am having a simialr issue.  It so much fun to look all over to find a solution to being able to just grab the linked file, so as to re-position it.

It must be a setting somewhere.  I guess I will forget the deadline and just keedp digging.


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Re: Problem with linked AutoCAD drawing

11-21-2013 09:13 AM in reply to: roy.stevens

Hello Roy, and welcome to the Discussion Groups!


Are you having the crashing issues as described in the original post? Would you be able to re-link a copy of the AutoCAD file separately, manually move it to the same location as the previous link in Revit (if needed), and then remove the old link?

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