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Piping insulation issues

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11-10-2008 11:28 AM
The piping insulation feature is killing me. When you add insulation to a transition, elbow, or tee it makes it larger, thereby overlapping the connection piping. It shows them as connected, but it doesn't look like it. If you drag the overlapping end of the pipe to try and reconnect it it deletes the insulation on your transition, elbow, or tee. Actually if you try to connect any piping to a transition it deletes your insulation. So the only way I've found is to draw the insulation, so it overlaps, then if you move one of the connecting pieces it will stretch out and the connections will line up. However, this also shifts the connecting pieces because the pieces get longer with insulation, messing up the location of everything nearby it. I've re-done my chases about 6 times now because it keeps on moving them for no good reason.

Fix this. Now.
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Re: Piping insulation issues

09-02-2009 05:44 PM in reply to: LDorrell
Couldn't agree more ldorrell. Modelling insulated piping in revit is a joke. Surely we should be able to tell revit that all piping I am modelling now is insulated, and revit automatically add the insulation to the pipes, fittings and accessories for us. It is ridiculous to have to place the pipes, then go back and add insulation, not only that, we need to add the insulation to the pipe separate to the fittings, and separate to the accesories. A job that should take 1 hour, takes 2 hours, and that is without any changes coming through. This needs urgent attention and definitely needs to be fixed in the next release.
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Re: Piping insulation issues

09-27-2013 06:23 AM in reply to: channond

5 years later, still the same smileysad:

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