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Pipe Fittings Disappear for only one person.

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02-28-2012 07:27 AM


I have 9 Draftsmen in my office. 8 of them are able to draw in Revit MEP without any type of issue.

The one draftsman has the following issue, when drawing pipe from fitting to fitting, the fitting disappears. 

The following symptoms are associated:
1. Problem occurs with 45 and 90 degree elbows.
2. Tees do not follow this problem.
3. I can draw pipe loosely and attach to the fitting.
4. When starting a brand new project with an out of the box template and families I have no issues.
5. When starting a brand new project with a custom template and custom families I have no issues

I have attempted the following solutions without success:
1. Re-install Revit
2. Change default fittings in Type Properties to "none"
3. Update the family
4. Work with the system family without success.

I have suspicions that something is turned off or on, on his machine. Everyone else in the office may draw pipe in the same project with the exception of this one install.

Any help with this would be grateful.

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Re: Pipe Fittings Disappear for only one person.

02-28-2012 11:34 AM in reply to: shurewood2002

I would check that your draftsman's path "LookupTableLocation=" in the ini file.   Browse to that location on his computer and verify that all csv files are in that spot.  If the elbow fitting is custom, he probably is missing the associated csv file that sizes it.

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