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07-06-2006 02:06 PM
Is there a setting to make demolition ductwork to look heavier than the existing ductwork? They are the same line weight at this point, the only difference is one is dashed and the other continuous line. Is the line work tool the only way to go about this?
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Re: Phases

07-07-2006 04:38 AM in reply to: rafterman
Have you tried modifying the Demo and Temp Graphic Overrides in Phases... under the Settings menu?

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Re: Phases

07-10-2006 07:13 AM in reply to: rafterman
That's it. Thank you. I have another question or found a issue. I have ductwork that is going to be abandoned in place. I would like to show that in a different line type. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do that. I was thinking that the linework tool would be the fastest and easiest way to accomplish that, but there is a problem. If the ductwork is round you can't change it's linetype with the linework tool. I am assuming the reasoning for this is that a round ductwork doesn't have a straight edge in the profile. Any suggestions? Another way I thought of would be phasing and filters, but haven't played around with that yet, so I was wondering if anyone else has a solution.
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