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Re: New RMEP User, need assistance with pipes & new items

12-20-2012 11:04 PM in reply to: MikeSavko6811

Regarding the attached image. You can solve this issue by replacing the Lookuptables for RMEP 2013 Pipe with the Lookuptables for RMEP 2012. It was very annoying at first, but once it is replaced, everything will be fine. Somebody please give him a copy of said Lookuptables for RMEP 2012.

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Re: New RMEP User, need assistance with pipes & new items

12-21-2012 12:16 PM in reply to: CVMN0501

So I'm at the point where the pipe and fittings are solved. No problem left here.


The remaining problem is the strut. I drew the profile in CAD, imported it, brought the line work over into Revit and did the extrusion. I'm not able to figure out how to make it into an object similar to any of the structural steel already in the software. For instance, when you draw a piece of channel, it gets placed just like you would draw a piece of pipe. Click once to begin, and click again to end once you've achieved your length. The strut I made just plops into the model and then I'd have to edit the length after the fact. The other issue with this piece is I can only rotate it about it's vertical axis. If I make a work plane elsewhere other than the very bottom (XZ plane), it won't allow me to rotate it. Makes this very frustrating knowing that if I were in CAD, I could simply draw a 1-5/8" square box, stretch to length, change the UCS and rotate any which way I want in the amount of time it took me to type this post. Any hints?

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Re: New RMEP User, need assistance with pipes

01-15-2013 06:07 PM in reply to: RandMan
I don't have any experience using those particular fittings. Are you sure the correct lookup table for those fittings is in your lookup table folder? To find out, click one of the fittings, click Edit Family. In the family editor, go to Family Types and see what .csv file it is referencing and then make sure you have that file. Thank you, Jason Seck BIM Technical Specialist HNTB Companies 715 Kirk Drive Kansas City, Missouri 64105 Tel (816) 527-2741 Fax (816) 889-1253 This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are confidential and are intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed. If you are NOT the intended recipient and receive this communication, please delete this message and any attachments. Thank you.
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Re: New RMEP User, need assistance with pipes & new items

04-03-2013 06:34 AM in reply to: MikeSavko6811

Not sure I saw this when scanning through these threads but template selection for the families is important.

If you want specific lengths and sizes of unistrut then a generic model template would be fine. If you want to be able to extrude the strut like a pie, then a line based generic template would work better for you.

As for colours - materials applied to pipe types can affect the colours as can colour applied by system types i.e. HWS is red in the OOTB templates typically

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