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Network Install

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07-07-2006 10:33 AM
How do you do a network install for Revit Systems? The ABS2007 network deployment wizard says that the MSI file isn't a valid Autodesk file and I don't see any new deployment wizard on the Revit systems disk.

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Re: Network Install

07-07-2006 11:05 AM in reply to: tevans
Duh, never mind. TS101820 explains this
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Re: Network Install

07-07-2006 11:15 AM in reply to: tevans
Revit DOES NOT use the Autodesk Deployment Wizard!
Start the Revit Structure installation.
After you accept the license agreement and click Next, the Choose Destination Locations dialog box is displayed.

Specify where to install the Revit Structure 3 program files.
Select Prepare Network Deployment from this installation.
Enter a folder path for Deployment Source Folder. This path must be on a network device.
The deployment source folder contains 3 files used for future client installations: an MSI file, a VBS script file, and an LNK file that is a shortcut to the script. It also contains a subfolder that includes the help files.

Click Next.
In the Choose Content dialog box, enter a network folder for content installation, and click Next.
Enter the server name and select the appropriate server type: single server, distributed servers, or redundant servers. For more information on distributed server licensing, see Distributed License Server Model. For more information on redundant server licensing, see Redundant License Server Model.
Enter your Revit Structure network license serial number Serial Number, and click Next.
The Edit Network Deployment Settings dialog box is displayed. This dialog box resembles the File Locations tab of the Options command. For more information on this tab, see File Locations Tab.

Enter the appropriate file location information in the dialog box.
The file location information entered here is written to the Revit.ini file. All client machines that install Revit Structure through this network deployment will have this file location information written to their Revit.ini files.

Click Next.
In the Edit CAD Manager Control Settings dialog, choose the appropriate settings. All client machines that install Revit Structure through this network deployment will have these settings.
Click Next.
Click Next again to begin the installation.
Revit Structure content is installed once during the network deployment preparation.

To install Revit Structure on a client machine, a user can go to the deployment source folder and double-click the LNK file. A system administrator can also use the MSI file to push Revit Structure installations to client machines.

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