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06-14-2012 01:51 PM

I'm a student working on m final project. I am having some type of issue with installing certain lights. For some reason recessed can lights and general idustrial type lights will not let me place them in my project. Below is a screen shot. you can see the light, but it won't move and the mouse icon is a cirle with a line across it, saying not allowed. I've tried every view, changed cut plane, turned on all graphics, and nothing. It won't even give me the option to place on face. Does anyone know what i can do?




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06-14-2012 02:00 PM in reply to: brian.dougherty

Where did you get the light fixture family?  Seems like it should work, if it came frome the Imperial Lib.  If it is custom, you'll have to open the family to troubleshoot.  What are you trying to host it from, a level, a ceiling?  When this type of thing happens to me, I isolate my intended host in that view, and try again.

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06-14-2012 02:30 PM in reply to: brian.dougherty

I pulled in the Pendant Light - Linear - 2 Lamp fixture into a simple model. I too got the "international no" symbol (circle with a line through it) but only while my cursor was outside my ceiling grid. As soon as I hovered over the ceiling, the fixture appeared and I was able to place it.


So, I'd say this family requires a ceiling to host it.  Maybe create a ceiling off to the side (or in a blank model) and try adding the light fixture there. If that works, you know it's not a visibility thing, but something related to your ceiling.


FYI, lights can't host to ceiling grids in a linked model. If that's the case, you'll need to create one in the same file as the light fixture.


Good luck!


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06-14-2012 02:37 PM in reply to: brian.dougherty

I ran into this before, where Lights and diffusers that normally place on face with no trouble decide not to allow it.  I had to create a 3D view with just ceilings, Lights and diffusers turned on, and place families in the 3D view.

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06-14-2012 03:07 PM in reply to: brian.dougherty

It's from the revit seek library. I did'nt change any family constraints or adjust anything.


It won't work even over a ceiling grid.


And I tried to use the 3D view also.


The fixture won't even move with the mouse cursor.

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06-15-2012 04:39 AM in reply to: brian.dougherty

1) If this is a Ceiling hosted fixture, it will not attach to anything in a Linked model because Revit MEP does not recognize Ceilings or Walls, simply Faces.


2) If you are in the original model and this is Face based, make sure that the 'Place on Face' is selected, and not 'Place of Vertical Face'.


Have you opened the Light Fixture family and reviewed it?

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12-03-2013 02:00 PM in reply to: aschneider1
I realize this is not "NOW!", but I had a similar issue today for a project being done in the 2012 release, and wanted to document what we found for future readers of this thread.

The electrical model had the architectural model linked in, and the fixtures were face-based fixtures. The view in the electrical model was a reflected ceiling plan view, and the ceilings in the architectural model were visible. The problem was that the visibility graphics for the ceiling category was turned off in the electrical model, and this prevented Revit MEP from finding the ceilings as a potential host. Compounding the issue, categories from all disciplines were not initially turned on, so it was not immediately evident that the category was turned off.
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