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Most users per central file?

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04-05-2012 03:48 PM

Whoa, did we hit a wall. I feel like im doing the crab walk in 10' deep mud.
I know revit is painfully slow to begin with, but this is unusual.
It is taking me near 1 minute to copy text...yep good ole dumb text.

If we have 5 users in the central file we are good, but the minute the 6th person enters...revit will shart itself.
So far we have been celebrating shart week.


We have no issue with our server.
Any switch that connects to the main switch has a minimum of a 2 GB connection.
Windows 2008 R2 server
HP MSA 2010 storage with a 10GB connection to the backbone.


CPU Specs
3.7 turbo quad dual 8 core
Zeon E3 i7 extreme liquid cooled.
2GB video radeon 6950
16 GB 1866 memory
850 watt power
1 TB additional drive.
Asus Specialized motherboard

Our server is sick!
My CPU is sick!

revit is (literally sick)


Has anyone else noticed a slowdown with the amount of local copies per session?
What is the most amount of users you have had modeling simultaneously in their respective locals?


Our model size =111MB
Total including links 700MB

"It's hardware that makes a machine fast. It's software that makes a fast machine slow."

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Re: Most users per central file?

04-06-2012 11:17 AM in reply to: Jrobker

700MB... That's a big file.  I can see a slowdown here.  We also have had some slowdown when more than 4 people on.  I think if two or more are on the SAME workset, it trips up.  The big ticket items that I think slows it down are Autocad DWGs, Too many 3d views, or a huge Architectural link with more items in it than they need.  Do you Purge the Arch model out?


Revit 2011 or 2012 with the setup you have should uproot trees and explode your server.  Do all other users have the same or similar setup?  You might have one that is a bottleneck or something.

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Re: Most users per central file?

04-12-2012 11:32 PM in reply to: Jrobker

If we access central files from remote location using cloud, the suggested maximum number of users is 5. But It seems that your team is sitting in one office using same server and LAN. We have worked with files of 280 mb with 18 users at a time. It would get really slow and follow steps may help.

  • Install workshare monitor on all systesm. ask all users to run it all the time.
  • if you have divided your project into worksets, you can make your computer work faster, by opening few specific workset only which are required (for example you don't need workset for level 5  while working on level 1).
  • Process to follow is, click on open, select file, you'll see a small triangle button next to open button, click on that trangle and select 'specify' option to select few worksets. this process may make your file run faster.
  • purge unwanted elemenets, remove unnecessary cad links (its important to keep check on linked cad files, always clean them in cad before linking/importing). try compact file at a regular interval. also do 'AUDIT' at a gap of few days.
  • ask team members to save locally quite frequently and synchronize with central at a gap of 2-4 hour.

You may be aware of few or all on this tips but i thought of sharing these for reference of other users.


Parveen_Intec_Infocom (BIM, CAD, GIS, QS Services' Provider)
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Re: Most users per central file?

04-17-2012 07:30 AM in reply to: Jrobker

Try instituting a new penalty hat. Anything suitably ridiculous will do. A large cone with the word "Dunce" on one side would be ideal. 


Whenever anyone voluntarily uses AutoCAD instead of Revit, they must wear the dunce cap for a period between fifteen minutes to an hour, depending on how much human existence was wasted in obselete software.  

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