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MEP Content Parameters

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03-31-2011 06:35 AM

Version:  Revit MEP 2011

When I get content from manufacturers they have certain information that is already filled out for parameters.  I then have different content (sometimes from the same manufacturer) that I want to add the same parameter so that I can show them in a schedule.  When I add a shared parameter that is spelled the same and setup the same to the second one, it does not put it in the same column as the "pre-filled" content.  For example:  I have some Titus content that has a Total Static Pressure parameter under Mechanical Loads group category, that is HVAC discipline and categorized under the pressure type and is also a shared type parameter.  It shows up in a schedule just fine.  When I add that same information to another piece of content it does not show up in the same column in the schedule.  It will make another field to add that is spelled the same.  Is there any way of getting this new parameter to add to a column that already exists?  I hope I described it good enough for everybody.  Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: MEP Content Parameters

04-01-2011 05:15 AM in reply to: paulh

When you use shared parameter (SHP) you need to use the exact same parameter everywhere. It is not good enough to create a SHP that has the same name and setup.


If you have the SHP-file, use the parameter from there directly. If you don't have it you can export it.


I hope this helps! :0)

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Re: MEP Content Parameters

04-01-2011 06:01 AM in reply to: paulh

It does help.  Thank you.  Since posting this question I came to the conclusion that with all of the different vendors/suppliers all creating their content a completely different way, I am better off just creating project parameters and filling it in as "dumb" text than I am to try and export shared parameters, etc.


Thank again

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Re: MEP Content Parameters

04-04-2011 02:44 PM in reply to: paulh

If you do that you'll find youreslf re-creating the same information for the same families on every project.

The problem is that every shared parameter has a GUID which is what Revit really uses to identify them. Open your shared parameters file in notepad & have a look. Paramteres with the same name but diffetrent GUID are treated like different parameters.

Sometimes you can just delete the parameter & re-add it from your own file, but you have to be VERY careful doing this because you could break the family if that parameter is mapped to anything.

I think the best answer is to add your own set of parameters for reporting & map them to the vendor supplied ones. For example you could create "Mycompanyname_Max air flow" & type the name of the vendor supplied parameter for max airflow in the formula box.

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