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List od questions

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06-01-2010 04:30 AM
I still find out the new problems or questions of the program and in this case I decided to create a new thread. And I will be very grateful for helping. :smileyhappy:

1) I have got the HVAC system and I have got the problem with preesure drops. The program matches the duct sizes and the pressure drop for ducts but not for elbows, tees, flexes, etc. I have got only the data of pressure drop for ducts and for air terminals. And how can i see how many pressure the system loses on the tees, elbows, etc?
2) I have got the problem with the outtake the air. I have got the 4 connections of my AHU (2xSupply: Supply and Outtake and 2xReturn: Return and Intake). I created the 3 systems (Supply, Return, Outtake) and everything is ok. But when I want to add Outtake system I see a problem.
a) i tried to do roof top thing - i changed deffault supply air terminal family (deleted the connector from top and added on the bottom) but in this case i don't able to create supply system when I click on this thing in my project view. If i change connector from default Intake Hood family from Return to Supply the efect is the same
b) I tried to use default supply air terminal family as a Outtake. In this case i might create the system. The problem is when I want to set the flow of it. The flow always comming back to 0 L/s.
3) Hehe - my favourite tags. :smileyhappy: I have got the tags with velocity (for example) on the ducts. And now I want to add (but not delete the first one tags) teh tags with a mark of ducts and pront only the tags with a mark. For example - the first tags (with velocity) are hidden and the second (with marks) are visibility.
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Re: List od questions

06-06-2010 03:19 PM in reply to: cuube

And I have got the one question more.


How can I automaticlly add the dampers on the ducts, where is needed?


And please for helping for all my questions if possibly. I have to give this project on the study and I don't want to start everything for beginning in CADvent (I know CADvent, but I want to do it on Revit and I want to learn Revit as well). I have tried to find out the answers for my questions for several days but now I don't find. :smileysad:



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