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06-10-2006 11:25 AM in reply to: *Tom DeMita
Not million houses, million dollar houses. (which isn't that much nowadays)

Re: I'd like to use Revitsystems but...

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"Isn't that the whole idea of BIM and 3d modeling?"

What your are saying is part of BIM, however there is much missing. The BIM
goes a lot further which is the essence behind those programs called "BIM".

The Building Information Model in short contains as much if not all of the
data related to a project so that it can be managed easilty. Having the
ability to go back to this model and make changes that are automatically
address acrossed the entire project. Having drawing set sets which are
smart. Changes, phases, options, etc. For me it is letting the "BIM" do the
bulk of the work, while I spend more time on the actual design and adding to
the "BIM".


"Tom DeMita" wrote in message
I am a contractor but recently I changed to doing drafting only. After
working construction 30 years my body has had enough. I started doing
structural drawings for an engineering firm part time 7 years ago and
started designing remodel, additions,garages, etc. for some of my contractor
friends. That eventually led to designing milion houses and even commercial
projects that I sometimes bring on an architect for. I share an office with
2 engineering firms now and design houses,etc. as well as the structural
drafting for both firms. I also work with interior designers to draw up
plans for major remodel jobs.
My HVAC contractor will design the mechanical, my electrical contractor
the electrical ,and then I'll do the drawings. I some times have my plumber
red line in his plan as well. This way I don't have the plumber cutting out
all of my floor joists to run his waste pipe and I don't have a MPE engineer
calling for a 24" x 24" duct running in a scissor truss with only 16" of

Isn't that the whole idea of BIM and 3d modeling?


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I applaud your willingness to model work which is outside your scope. That
means you'll be better prepared for the conflicts that arise during

I don't find many that are willing to do this however. 2D design
information is still just linked into Revit projects as backgrounds, just
like folks do with AutoCAD now. With Revit Systems I need Revit rooms to
enable many of the engineering calculations that are required.

Revit Systems focus for release 1 is generating engineering data, not
drafting. Autodesk only recommends that firms use Revit Systems when
collaborating with a team using Revit Building. Remember for this first
release that is. That is why ABS is sold together with Revit Systems. ABS
for existing clients who are not using Revit and Revit Systems for any
clients using Revit Building.

Revit Systems does have nearly all of the architectural tools, enough
certainly to model the parts of a building needed to do calculations if you
choose to use Revit Systems for a project team that isn't using Revit

Are you saying that you are a drafting service?
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