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Re: How To Re-Establish a Model Standard

01-21-2013 02:34 PM in reply to: Drafter1981

After a review and discussion with several of my peers in Revit it was determined that we did indeed need to

 "Purge-Out" the "Bad" files or un-important information associated with this BIM model in order to create a working model with the right information. Although purging may remove items that the customer need to see, for our purpose, once we have established  a panel location we are basically done.

This is something that really need to be looked at as far as a work flow process, especially since in the old days (which was really only 4 to 5 years ago) you would just mark a blueprint, or PDF file and within a day or two you were done. Now it might take days (or in my case weeks) before you get a decent working model, or file just to locate electrical junction boxes...

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