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have a problem with references from revit architecture

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09-07-2012 06:20 AM

I'am workin with revit mep 2012 and when i use a reference fron revit architecture 2012 the software get to slow and can't work any more. I have a microprocesar core I5 3 ghz and 16 GB RAM is more than the minimum to run revit. Please help me i have a big BIM project running...

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Re: have a problem with references from revit architecture

09-07-2012 09:06 AM in reply to: pochPeru

Another thing to consider would be the capability of your graphics card.  


Aside from that, it sounds like you're working with a large architectural file. You can try a few things. Turn off as much as you can in the linked model, using VG and worksets. I usually open each link (arch, structural) and detach any DWG files. Sometimes I audit the file (the link). Others say that they purge unused.  Of course, if you're getting updated links periodically, you'll have to repeat whatever you do with each update.


Unfortunately, the larger a file is, the slower it is. And through the course of a project, files tend to get larger rather than smaller.

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Re: have a problem with references from revit architecture

09-07-2012 09:28 AM in reply to: pochPeru

Perhaps you should sit down with the rest of the design team and formulate a plan on how you can all work together efficiently. Perhaps the model can be broken down into smaller sized linked files and still be as useful as single discipline BIM's.

Just because an Architect can work with a 200Mb model doesn't necessarly mean that MEP can link that in and then create an equivalent MEP model.

Use of Worksets to control visibility of areas like a wing of a building, etc. can help as these can be closed (not hidden) which improves performance.

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