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GBXML Curtain Wall Export

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10-19-2010 10:16 AM

I'm attempting a gbmlx export from Revit. My energy programs (Trace & EProv5) seem to be doing a good job of importing the information that makes it out of Revit.


I have been using the viewer in the GBXML export dialog to check what will get exported. The details tab seems to do a good job of showing what has been captured and what has been left out.


My problem, not all of my windows are captured by Revit. See attached for illistration. It appears the arch has modeled the windows as embedded curtain walls, and only some of the panels are picked up as windows. The reset are modeled as walls.


What properties define whether a window is picked up as clear or exterior wall? What properties could be different between these two systems that some panels are defined as walls?

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Re: GBXML Curtain Wall Export

10-19-2010 12:05 PM in reply to: onecolumbyte

So, I've made some progress on getting my windows out of Revit.


I made a panel schedule to review family and types. Adjust the panel family type allowed my to capture windows previously ignored.


Listed Family Types are: Basic Wall, Curtain Wall, Curtain Wall Single Door Solid, Operable Window Panel, Operable Window Panel with Mullion, Stacked Wall, and System Panel.


I can't change the type to Basic Wall, Curtain Wall, or Curtain Wall Single Door Solid.


Operable WIndow Panel and Operable Window panel with Mullion ARE NOT CAPTURED AS WINDOWS.


Changing the Family to "System Panel" captures the window type in the GBXML export.


Now I know how, anybody know why?

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Re: GBXML Curtain Wall Export

10-20-2010 03:32 PM in reply to: onecolumbyte

Nope, but thanks for posting an update, thats really useful information.

Wondering if the same applies to the built in load calc tool now....

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Re: GBXML Curtain Wall Export

10-21-2010 08:59 AM in reply to: embolisim

I am certain it applies to load calcs as well, because the Analytical model shown in the export in the Heating/Cooling loads is the same as that shown in the GBXML export.


My expierence is that this model is exactly what you will be sending out of Revit. Review it carefully for errors and omissions.

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Re: GBXML Curtain Wall Export

01-23-2013 05:18 PM in reply to: onecolumbyte


I am meeting silimar problems with you. I found windows' materials missing in the gbXML. I would like to know where you make the change from amily to "System Panel"  in Revit? Could you give me some details? 





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Re: GBXML Curtain Wall Export

01-23-2013 06:20 PM in reply to: onecolumbyte

To switch them to system panel family, simply select the custom family curtain panels and then use Properties to switch to the "system" version.  See video - you need to scroll to the bottom of the curtain panel property types to find the system families:


On a related note, we had a tech support case back in October 2012 that related to another important distinction between the custom family vs system families - they report their material takeoff area values differently.  The custom panels report the area as all 6 sides whereas the system families report the area as expected (one side). This has been confirmed as an issue in Revit 2013.  FYI

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