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Export HVAC PROJECT RVT for DWG - Objectives and presentation problems

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02-19-2012 11:19 AM

I am trying by now to configure my revit files tenplate export to dwg.

I pretend: 1) Preserve duct, piping, mechanical equipmente in others with the same colors, layer thiknesses, layer type (example dashdot, continuous,...) Line type scale. 

2) Each duct type system as filters (Example: supply, return, exaust, special filters for sanitary instalations,...) has an addicional layer for each one of them,

3) I want that round ducts happear with center line at dahdot

4) I usually export from hidden line, and Î want to preserve it in cad file as I saw in revit

Trying to get this: I have actionned the issue in the template of export dwg that gives me a layer for each type,

I have choose the option in export settings of get as I see in revit instead of the predefined layers that we have in the first menu at the export dwg settings, I have defined an overhead line for center line at round ducts and with a filter I made round duct type families as ghost surfces I am having several problems with:1) When I export to dwg almost all of the time I got to make a recover or I loose all the file!!!

 2) All tees, elbows in others duct accessories has none center line and are being exported as blocks with a deficient presentation color for example in a green duct the respectve tee gets a litle bit white. I have been exploding all of these block to get good presentation results. It is very frustating.

3)With the configuration I gave to get my center lines in round ducts, I have another tedious and frustating problem, When I have two round ducts crossing each other in the same ceiling and at diferent offsets, indwg file I see all lines below the duct above as blank lines and in very small group of lines. These force me to make trim over trim everytime this happens. 

I hope some of you give me the help I am in need.

Thank you all,Rui


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