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Empty Keynotes

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02-25-2011 06:43 AM

I thought I had a grip on how the keynoting works but I can't figure out why my keynote tags are showing up on plans empty. We are currently working on our second Revit project and our first project using 2011. Using Revit 2010, the keynotes worked fine. The keynote symbol is supposed to be pulling in the key value parameter. The properties of the keynote symbol show the correct key value in the properties window but the number does not appear on the plan, just the keynote linework and the leader. I noticed in Revit 2010, that objects have a keynote parameter associated with them but do not have that parameter in 2011.


Has anyone ran into this problem? Is there something that controls the visibility of a keynote number?



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Re: Empty Keynotes

03-06-2011 02:43 AM in reply to: bsepter

I have found that keynote numbers sometimes do not appear if the keynote is close to a matchline separating dependent views. My solution is to host the keynote on a object farther from the matchline, link it to the appropriate keynote text, then move the keynote and leader to the desired position. The link to the keynote text remains, even though graphically it is not pointing to the host.


Unfortunately, opening and closing a file, or perhaps making other changes, sometimes causes the keynote number to vanish again, and I have to repeat the process.

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Re: Empty Keynotes

03-07-2011 05:19 AM in reply to: bsepter

Thanks for the help. I don't think matchline was the issue in my situation. I discovered when I changed the keynote type to an out of the box tag, they worked fine. So I edited the linework on the out of the box keynote to match our company standard keynote. Works fine now. I still can not find the difference in my previous keynote and my new one though, other than my old one does not work.


Thanks again

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Re: Empty Keynotes

03-08-2011 10:07 AM in reply to: bsepter

This is a known issue in when upgrading from a previous file version.

Other reasons are:

Overlap with the annotation crop on dependent views (turn either on/off (can't remember)) crop down as close to crop region as possible.

Parent view on a sheet.

Family issue.


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