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Edit receptacle load

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01-22-2007 03:12 PM
I want one receptacle to have a load of let's say 1200 VA. A couple at 650VA etc.... How can this be done efficiently and without effecting all the other recepts in the model???????

I understand new things are supposed to be a little challenging and that ther eis a learning curve; but this is rediculous.
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Re: Edit receptacle load

01-23-2007 02:45 PM in reply to: mothball
Easy Fix here. Sounds like your load parameter is a Type parameter, not an Instance Parameter. A Type parameter will be the same for all instances of particular family Type. An Instance parameter will be unique for each instance of a given family Type.

You need to edit the family and modify the Parameter, see attached image. If you're struggling with core concepts like this I'd highly recommend that you get yourself some training or review the documentation included with the program.

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Re: Edit receptacle load

01-23-2007 09:47 PM in reply to: mothball
While what Kyle said will certainly work the other option is to simply create a new type. In this case you don't have to go into family editor at all.

If you select one of the "standard" receptacles and click properties, then click the "Edit / New" button in properties dialog you will get another button that says "duplicate". You can create a new receptacle, called receptacle 1200 VA and set the load to 1200 VA, and then another new type called receptacle 650 VA and set the load to 650 VA.

If you are familiar with AutoCAD you can think of Type parameters similar to the way that you think of the graphics on a standard AutoCAD block, and think of instance parameters similar to the way that you think of attributes on a standard AutoCAD block. Each "insertion" of a block will have the same basic graphics (or type parameters), but each insertion of the block can have different attributes (or instance parameters).


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Re: Edit receptacle load

10-23-2012 03:58 PM in reply to: mothball

Thanks for your Help i had the same issue so i went to the parameter and changed it, it is working perfectely.


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