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Ductwork Insulation

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01-23-2013 02:48 AM

Im totally new to Revit 2013 (three weeks using MEP aspect) and Im producing ductwork systems well enough so far.


Problem I have is in my building I have a limted space in the ceiling void and I have two duct runs crossing over each other that have to be insulated. Except there isnt enough space where the ducts overlap to have the required thickness of insulation. The ducts cannot be resized due to limitations and in reality would not be split in segments in this area.


What I am trying to achieve is either to put a break in the insulation (dashed grey lines) on both ducts where they overlap or reduce the insulation thickness in this zone.


So my question is - is either of these methods possible and if so how can I achieve this without breaking the duct into segments?






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Re: Ductwork Insulation

01-24-2013 12:27 AM in reply to: SilentBobF1

Although not best practice in Revit or on site.:smileyhappy:


You wont be able to to change the graphics of that segment insualtion unless you use a filter. And that seems alot of work for a small peice of duct.


Small things like these are usualy resolved on site, or rather just put a note on the drawing such as "ducting to be to pre insulated before installation".



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Re: Ductwork Insulation

01-24-2013 03:51 AM in reply to: SilentBobF1

Tell the Architect to lower the ceiling! Then you can lower the duct. Problem solved.

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