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Duct Calculation Help

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09-27-2012 06:08 AM



I am trying to further my knowledge of Revit MEP and have decided to give duct sizing a look at.


I am current training as a junior engineer so apologies if this doesn't make sense 


I set up a test project with 5 supply & 5 return diffusers and a heat recovery unit. I have added the flow & total pressure units to each diffuser and set up a duct system for supply & return. I selected the supply system and generated a layout suitable for the system. I then used the duct sizing tool to calculate the duct sizes. Finally I ran a duct pressure loss report to check. This all worked fine, or so I thought.


I calculated the same system using Hevacomp with the same flow & pressure units for the diffusers to check if it was anywhere close to what I had received in MEP. I found that the duct sizes where calculated almost identical to that in the MEP model but the pressure drop calculated in Hevacomp was much higher(3X) than that calculated in MEP for the critical path.


Firstly I  was wondering would anyone know a reason for this or if anyone else has had a similar problem. Not sure if I have included enough information to get anyone's opinion. Let me know if I can include any other info to help.


Also is Revit Mep capable of producing calculations as acurite as Hevacomp or do most still do their calcs in Hevacomp?


Hope that made sense. Any help would be great






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Re: Duct Calculation Help

10-02-2012 07:36 AM in reply to: KEOSTE

It may be easier to troubleshoot, if you can provide a small sample file showing the issue.

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Re: Duct Calculation Help

10-02-2012 07:49 AM in reply to: KEOSTE

I would suggest that you use the Duct Pressure Loss Report to get a detailed view into the calculations, and compare side-by-sided with a similar report from Hevacomp. 


If you have time to post back, I'm sure other users would be interested in learning what the differences are.


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