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Deleting Pipe Sizes Smaller than 1"

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02-15-2013 07:27 PM

Good evening,


I'm working on an automatic fire sprinkler system in Revit MEP.  Typically, these systems do not use pipe sizes smaller than 1".  As such, in Mechanical Settings, I deleted these sizes for all materials, connections, and schedules/types.


However, when I try to automatically connect a sprinkler with a 1/2" connector (using the Generate Layout and Connect Into tools) into a pipe, Revit still uses 1/2" pipe.


The heirarchy I'm trying to achieve:


sprinkler --> 1/2" x 1" reducer --> 1" pipe


But instead I get:


sprinkler --> 1/2" pipe


How can I permanently delete 1/2" pipe?


Thanks for your assistance.

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Re: Deleting Pipe Sizes Smaller than 1"

02-18-2013 11:30 AM in reply to: m.j.ferra

I think I know what the issue is here. If you delete the pipe size you may not be able to connect as REVIT will not recognize the size. The easiest way s to use the space bar when you connect & then once you inherit size & elevation you can change to 1". Unless they are all the same height & if that is the case I would punch in 1" & the height, then just connect & go.


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Re: Deleting Pipe Sizes Smaller than 1"

07-12-2013 10:37 AM in reply to: thombrady

Did this work? I have the same problem.

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