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Re: Customizing Rise/Drop Symbol

08-12-2008 11:28 AM in reply to: chirayu
The application does make a distinction between rising and dropping. Please
see for a
description of how this works.


"cmwade77" wrote in message
> The rise/drop for ductwork do not adequately show the design intent, as
> there is no distinction between rising and dropping shown, this doesn't
> work very well to show intent. Also, remember companies have drafting
> standards, while Revit may not be intended as a drafting tool, but rather
> a design tool, remember that it still needs to be able to do the drafting
> work properly, without being able to produce quality drawings Revit is not
> an adequate tool. Bottom line is the exact symbol should not matter too
> much, but we need to be able to control rise and drop, but also we need to
> maintain quality as well. Bottom line is the better the quality of the
> drawings, the fewer RFIs we will have. For example, not have landings on
> the leaders make it easier to confuse with other objects. Again, drafting
> quality is EXTREMELY important when it comes to design intent, they go
> hand in hand; without quality, design intent cannot be properly shown.
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Re: Customizing Rise/Drop Symbol

12-05-2013 10:12 PM in reply to: jason.martin

I would like to follow up this question and hope there is improvement on Revit after 5 years.  In Hong Kong, there used to be a government standard for rise/drop symbol.  It can be an obstacle to implement Revit if the symbol cannot be exactly the same so that Revit produced drawings get rejected. (though the Revit symbol is close to, see attachment)

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Re: Customizing Rise/Drop Symbol

12-08-2014 04:46 AM in reply to: chirayu

Having read through this rather old thread, I'm also looking to customize the rise/drop symbols.


I work for an architectural practice and the pipe tool is particularly powerfull to design/coordinate the drainage systems for architectural purposes. As such, we need a symbol representing SVP's, WVP's, RWP's, VP's, etc.


Previously we used simple vertical families, but the pipe system allows much more advanced design allowing various routing directions in one continuous run. We're now working in Revit 2015 and this still doesn't seem to allow editing of the pipe symbols...


Any update as to when this may become a feature?

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