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Custom Tags

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07-21-2006 09:42 AM
Is there a way to tag equipment placed in a model with information from the family and information from the model. For example, I insert a panel board into the model and want a label that includes volts/sector/instance#/floor/use/building? I was thinking this could be accomplished with custom parameters, but am not sure. I was thinking of setting up custom parameters in the model for sector, floor and building and then combine these parameters with family parameters volts and use. Am I on the right track. Any help is much appreciated.
Thank You........Aaron
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Re: Custom Tags

08-01-2006 04:34 AM in reply to: aaron1
Have you investigated what Label properties are available, i.e., start with the Panel Name Annotation, edit the family to add more labels, and modify the labels' properties to show different information.

I think your thought method is correct, but in only spending a couple of minutes with it, I ran into the following:

With a panel:
You can label its voltage
I'm not sure what Sector means
For Instance #, you may use Mark
Floor/Use/Building - These aren't native family properties, and as such, I am not sure if you could label components with such information.


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