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Creating plan views for spiral carpark

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08-15-2013 09:18 PM


I have an interesting problem, I have a multi-story car park with 4 levels for each level of car parking, it has 4 ramps and spirals downwards.


I am having trouble setting the view ranges as ducts are inevitably appearing from either the level above or level below.


First I setup the levels as a full sized plan using the lowest level then added a plan region to show the higher levels. However this became unsuitable as I could not "cut" out the duct elements appearing from below. I really hate using hide elements.


The other method I tried was to create all four levels and setup a cropped view for each level effectively cutting the plan into four segments. I can now display the elements I need to however it is horrible to adjust and work with.


Could anybody please give me some other suggestions as to how this could be achieved?


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Re: Creating plan views for spiral carpark

08-16-2013 01:30 PM in reply to: drock

Plan Regions are notorious for not working properly with MEP fittings. And I agree with you about "Hiding by Element" - that's at last resort.


Could you post a couple of pics of Plan Views and Sections Views to give us a more solid idea of what you're dealing with?

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