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Creating new Piping system Classifications

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11-28-2011 04:59 PM

Is there a way to add System Classifications to a Revit project/template? The project I am working on has numerous plumbing piping systems, more than what is available in the default template and it doesn't seem like there is a way to get a pipe system re-classified to differentiate the new system from the system family it was duplicated from.



I have tried to duplicate the Domestic Hot Water System and to create the Domestic Hot Water Recirc System. I can get the linetype to display with the HWC linetype, but I would like to get it on a different color as well


I also need to add other Plumbing systems such as Lab CW, Lab HW, Lab HWC, and numerous Lab and Med Gas system types.


I am having a hard time getting the Visibility/Graphics Override displaying the Plumbing Plan template settings I have created.




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Re: Creating new Piping system Classifications

11-28-2011 06:14 PM in reply to: michaelbartell

So you've sucessfully duplicated a piping system already? You're most of the way there then.

I'll start from the top anyway because its easier. ...& from memory because my PC is busy procesing an IFC file so apoligies if this isn't exactly right..


  • Draw a pipe & assign it to a system
  • Pick the Piping System tab on the ribbon
  • The Properties box will now show the System Properties
  • Click edit type
  • Use the duplicat button to make additional systems
  • Use the Graphic Overides button to chang the display properties (colour/linetype) of a system.


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Re: Creating new Piping system Classifications

11-28-2011 06:17 PM in reply to: embolisim

Note, that if you create systems that do not have a corresponding connector type, you run into problems when trying to connect the pipe to equipment. I'm currently getting around this by setting the connectors to global, but it's not a very nice solution.

Keen to hear what others are doing.

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