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Cooling and heating load calculation module in Revit is a fraud

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05-23-2009 10:56 PM
I am a design engineer and i've tried a little bit Revit to use its load calculation module. Unfortunatly this fails in every departments :
- the program doesn't do energy transfers through all of the elements ( i've never seen the program calculate heat losses through floor slab nor asking me about the ground quality/finishings nor whether it is located above a heated / unheated basement )
- you have to use preset element component's thermal resistence and you can not impute your own data.
- every simple model ( 1 or 2 rooms ) just turns out erroneous results in all scenarios.
- even if you're using the model created by "competent parties" in the "Tutorial" the calculation is messed up big time ( turns out that a big 3 story school "gives out" 50 kW of energy during winter LOL the ideal house in my opionion).
If you're planning to use Revit to submitt real projects that will be executed, stay out from this one as your company could get into real trouble.
If you're planning to use Revit just for fun, then knock yourself out.
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