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Connector Visibility

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12-17-2008 08:20 PM
Is there any way of controlling connector visibility? I would like to only show certain connectors within a family dependant on family types. At present, I can control the geometry visibility, but the connector is always available even when the geometry it is attached to is turned off.
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Re: Connector Visibility

01-09-2009 12:27 PM in reply to: channond
I have this same exact problem. there has not been a way that I have found to change it.. Additionally I have even attempted put this item on a child drawing, and in doing so the connection disappears when putting that family in an actual project... The only solution i have found, is to put all of the connections on one Master Family... then Save copies of the family for all of the different orientations.. and remove some connections, I do this so the files are consistent, and essentially you are exporting from the master file.. resulting in subsequent child files that are actually used. PS. my master file would not be by users of the content. it would be there simply for maintaining the consistency.

Many ways to go about it.. but there is no automated work around.. If you find out anything better please fwd.
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Re: Connector Visibility

07-13-2010 04:22 PM in reply to: channond

I’ve seen it in mfr’s created families (Greenheck utility fan is a good example). It looks like a complicated string of formulas referring to several parameters. I don’t know enough about the formula language to deconstruct it. I’d like to know how to do it too so if anyone can break it down it would be appreciated. (This is the reason there’s businesses specifically devoted to creating families)

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Re: Connector Visibility

07-20-2010 02:20 AM in reply to: channond

The only way I have achieved this is to use Reference lines in an array and attach connectors to the workplane at the end of the reference lines. You can then use a parameter for the number of items in the array which means the connector is removed along with the reference line when the array gets smaller. This will only help for very simple plenum families where the connectors can be arrayed though.


An example attached below

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Re: Connector Visibility

03-21-2011 10:05 PM in reply to: channond

Anyone know if a way to do this has been introduced in MEP 2011? I'm trying to do exactly the same thing but have found no way of doing it. It seems like it would be a useful feature to include.

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Re: Connector Visibility

11-22-2011 11:05 AM in reply to: mozdan11

Great solution!

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