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connect a unslooped pipe to a slightly sloped pipe

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12-16-2013 06:38 AM

I am drawing a roof drain system, and when I have a pipe sloping down at 1/8" per 1', I end that sloping segment a little shy of the exterior wall. Then I want to draw a short segment of UNSLOPED pipe so that I can attach a downspout (endcap symbol, which only displays correctly when attatched to a completely horizontal pipe).


The problem is, when I attempt to connect the two (either by turning off slope and continuing the pipe, or by using the 'corner' button) Revit 2013 will disregard the 2 separate segments and combine them into one long sloped segment, not put in a elbow like I want it to. I'm using the Cast Iron DWV Schedule 40. 


Any suggestions?

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