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Changing the Reference Level of multiple elements (ductwork/pipe) possible?

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11-16-2011 02:20 PM

I am working on a project and the Architect has changed the project level names and elevations (multiple times). Any work that was originally drawn is now on an obsolete reference level. Before I can delete this level and associated views I need to place all current elements (ductwork, pipe, mechanical equipment) on the new reference level. Is there a way to select an entire duct run and change the Reference Level? I can do it piece by piece, but that is absurd. Once I select multiple elements of the same type the option to change reference levels go away.


I have changed the names and elevations of reference levels to accommodate most of the project, but any views and elements left over need to be changed or deleted and started from scratch. If I delete them I lose a lot of work.


Is it possible to change the Reference Level on a batch of similar elements?


Also is there a way to change the Associated level of a view?


Both of these issues are problems I have run into on past projects as well.


I am working in Revit MEP 2012.




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Re: Changing the Reference Level of multiple elements (ductwork/pipe) possible?

11-23-2011 11:27 AM in reply to: michaelbartell

I tried this with a sample project, and I found that you can select multiple elements of the same type and change their level, but this would lead to changing all the ducts separately from the duct fittings.


I found the following posts that seem to be related to what you are asking:

Move All Ductwork and Fittings to a different Reference Level

Changing Assoiciated Levels


From the posts above, you might try selecting the entire duct run, copy it, and then paste aligned to the correct level. Once you have verified that the duct run has been properly copied you can remove the run from the original level, but I would keep in mind the following from the second link above "Depending on what you are copying you may get several warnings. So be sure you analyze what you are doing."

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