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Calculating fixture units - No projects calculating

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09-27-2012 07:47 AM

MEP community I need help.


I have 5 Revit plumbing projects  under my belt, followed the manual and training books, actually read them, and I cannot get Revit to calculate any fixture units and size my piping. I have been doing sizing by hand.


The Revit reseller we have has been telling me that Revit just cannot do it at this time. Now, I am seeing it is possible by doing something with the families.


Our company has an outside company making families for us, so we have no one in house with any family building experience. I cannot afford the $2000 grand the reseller wants for a families class, and no the company won't pay since they are already paying some else.


Could someone please provide a brief description of what parameters and connections plumbing fixture families should have so a fixture count and automatic sizing can take place.


This continues to be my biggest frustration with the program, so any help would be appreciated.


Thank You!


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