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CAD-DUCT or CAD-MEP object enablers for REVIT 2013???????

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08-16-2012 04:27 PM

I am working on a BIM modeling project where i am working in REVIT 2013 and the other contractors are using CAD-DUCT and CAD-MEP. When i import their cad drawings into revit i get a message that says "Some elements were lost during import ActiveX and some proprietary components can not be imported" Then i get nothing in my model to coordinate with. I tried xploding the files but that didnt work. I tried setting proxygraphics to 1 but that didnt work. I tried saving with proxy images and that didnt work.


I cant even get them to show up as solids in AutoCad 2012? Only wireframe.


I go to the object enabler page on Autodesk and dont see any OE's for my platforms.


Does anyone have a easy (or hard for that matter) solution i can use?


Ive been using the Trial of Navis works manage to import all CAD files into the NW platform to coordinate everything but my trial just expired and i dont think the company is goping to spring for the full version that lets you append and delete files.



Much appreciated.



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Re: CAD-DUCT or CAD-MEP object enablers for REVIT 2013???????

08-21-2012 10:47 AM in reply to: mcklem

there are no object enablers for revit

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Re: CAD-DUCT or CAD-MEP object enablers for REVIT 2013???????

08-21-2012 01:30 PM in reply to: mcklem

Ok you're in luck. I'm going throught this right now on a project also.



First you need to open the files up in AutoCAD. And then follow the steps in the link below


I had to start with the generic model from the "Out of the Box" install. I then imported the "cad" file into this family and loaded that into our project, It was somewhat difficult getting the family with the cad imported geometry lined up in our Revit project but I was able to do it. Then when you cut sections or elevations you should be able to see the "cad" 3d modeled geometry. It's not the greatest way to try and coordinate but its the only way I could find how to do this.


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Re: CAD-DUCT or CAD-MEP object enablers for REVIT 2013???????

08-21-2012 09:22 PM in reply to: mcklem
Thanks iamphils! That is kind of what i was wondering / wanting to know. However, at this time i do not have a current version of ACAD MEP on my machine. Within the next few days i hope to have it installed though, so i will try this method when i install it. By any chance does anyone know a way to do this with only having AutoCad 2012 and REVIT 2013 installed on your machine? I am receiving CAD-Pipe and CAD-Duct .dwgs from contractors so i am trying to figure out how to better coordinate with their models and create 3D solid drawings from them that i can import into REVIT as a 3D solid.

Thanks so much!

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Re: CAD-DUCT or CAD-MEP object enablers for REVIT 2013???????

08-24-2012 09:56 AM in reply to: mcklem

What you first described, using Revit and Navisworks to go back and forth is the workflow I use. At one time I attempted to use an IFC export of the CAD-DUCT file, but the translation wasn't very good, many items ended up at wrong elevations, this was my first attempt at IFC so there may be things I need to do to get it to work better.


Being able to use both, and to do your own clash detection while you work is great! I'm very happy to have learned Navisworks, and use it every day in conjunction with Revit.


I found that blog post myself and tried it, but it didn't work for me. I think because it is Autodesk specific. CAD-DUCT/CAD+MEP is (or was) third party.


The CAD-DUCT (or CAD+MEP) enabler for AutoCAD/Navisworks is here:     see Object Enabler link near the bottom

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