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Breaking piping - How?

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08-12-2011 10:31 AM


 I am working on a project with vertical piping attached to fixtures.


How do I break the connections from the vertical risers to the mains when I have to relocate the riser so I can re-attach the piping to the mains when I am done moving the riser?


The break command does not seem to work on piping.



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Re: Breaking piping - How?

08-12-2011 03:06 PM in reply to: sforsberg215

Break command?

Do you mean the split tool?

If there is a relationship between a vertical and horizontal system family than your options are slim.

If you cannot just drag (in plan) the vertical main to the new location because of disconnectivity errors than try these.


Delete the connections to the vertical main, move it, than reconnect mains.

Move the vertical main in plan and if you get the error that pipes will break, hit the "I know, I know who cares, delete them anyway button" and reconnect.

Model a completely new vertical riser, delete the old and connections than reconnect.

Split with a gap option (SL) the main connections, move the vertical riser and than reconnect.


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