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Wish list

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03-27-2007 04:37 PM
1. Create a supply grille that attaches directly to the side of a duct (one for rectangular and one for round ducts). It would also be nice to be able to adjust the angle that it is mounted vertically. I know that I can modify and standard tap and then attach a sidewall diffuser, but its a little tedious and not a 100% accurate. For a good example look at the Titus Spiral Mounted Grille S300.

2. Create a spline line that has the control points on the line and that the control points can be aligned and locked to reference planes, lines, and other objects. This would help greatly in creating unique, curved geometry in a family.

3. When you give an extrusion a radius dimension while you're sketching it, the dimension floats in the air a good distance away from the extrusion. This doesn't really affect using the software. It just looks funny.

4. Have it so there can be duplicate marks of mechanical equipment that are in different sub-categories. For example, I would like to use the Mark parameter in the label of a piece of equipment. I may have an exhaust fan with a mark "1" so that the tag reads "EF-1". I would like to do the same for a rooftop unit so I would give the mark value "1" and the tag would read "AC-1". But I get a warning that two pieces of equipment have the same mark. I don't know what the repercussion are though.

5. Add the ability to add exterior insulation to a duct. The insulation would not affect the duct size or its label, but would need to be graphically represented.

6. Add the ability to show turning vanes in mitered elbows in ducts.

7. Add a round duct balancing damper to the duct accessories.
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Re: Wish list

06-11-2007 09:24 AM in reply to: ArynBergman
4)Rather than just putting 1 or 2 Put EF-1 or AC-1. Then you can have the tag just read the mark field without appending EF- or AC- that way you would only need one tag for all Equipment

5) This is already possible under the properties of the duct there is an option for Insulation & Lining thickness

6) I've attached a version of the mitered elbow that will show a turning vane in plan view. When the elbow is 90 degrees
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Re: Wish list

01-23-2008 08:47 AM in reply to: ArynBergman
5) although possible it is still irritating that each duct and fitting must be selected individually to apply insulation/lining. It would be really nice if we could select runs of duct including fittings and apply insulation to it and have the ability to define the insulation before placing duct. It would also be helpful when connecting two ducts with insulation that the fitting would automatically add the insulation.
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Re: Wish list

01-30-2008 02:48 PM in reply to: ArynBergman
I have been fighting with this issue also. You can select multiple sections of ductwork individually and add insulation to them all. Then, select all the fittings individually (similar types) and add the insulation. But yes, you should be able to use the tab key to select a chain of ducts and their fittings to add the insulation to everything at once. And, as you mentioned, when you start drawing a duct attached to another, you should be able to use the space bar to match not only the size, but also the insulation parameters.
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Re: Wish list

02-04-2008 03:25 PM in reply to: ArynBergman
Revit MEP bugs and Problems.
1.You cannot draw lines in Revit MEP that can be used for diagramming. Lines drawn in electrical automatically grayscale out because the program assumes that the object is part of the architectural profile. For example, when diagramming conduit runs in buildings. Lines need to be drawn, even though there are no junction boxes, and no connections to power or security, data etc. When diagramming site plans underground conduit runs need to be diagramed.

2.Cannot create a simple homerun out of a junction box that is unconnected to power, data and security systems. For diagramming purposed it would be handy to not have to link everything to a system, especially if there is not a system provide.

3.Cannot insert fills, patterns or hatches on families. For example our particular company differentiates power panels and non-power panel with solid patterns. You cannot create a panel family with a solid pattern, you could insert a symbol with a pattern, but the symbol will scale.

4.Exporting drawing files from Revit to AutoCAD, it would seem that families that have symbolic lines create block when exported to AutoCAD, great. Families that have symbol inserted create multi-line object when exported to AutoCAD, not good. Seems to be a flaw.

5.When exporting text into AutoCAD from Revit, the multiline text within the editor dialogue box has its own properties within the mtext block. This means that editing text must be done one multi-line text block at a time, you must open the editor select all the text and change it all to bylayer, bystyle.

6.Why so ceiling plans in the electrical view templates not show the correct ceiling plan. Does not show all the walls and windows.

7.The temporary dimensioning when selecting an object is not always visible. Temporary dimensions do not snap to wall faces. Would be helpful when moving things from wall or to wall, particularly when the thickness of wall is not known.

8.Program updates are extremely inconvenient. To have to completely reinstall the program for an update is extremely time consuming.

9.Updating families within a project. I have had some troubles updating families within project and the only way to get them to update was to completely purge out the existing family and reload it. Not just update or overwrite.

10.There needs to be some Boolean commands for modeling objects. The tools for creating families with voids are very limited.

11.Importing 3D models from AutoCAD there is no way to modify the model once it is inserted into Revit. No way to apply materials, apply parameters and constraints. With Revit's limited modeling capabilities the ability to modify inserted blocks is a necessity.

12.Tagging. When tagging categories in Revit the selection are either with leader or without. Both features are unacceptable. The leaders are very limited. The no leader places the tag directly on the object being tagged or a location that is not always optimal. And to move the tag you have two options. Stop the tagging on every object, then move the tag and resume tagging, or tag everything then go back and hope you move all the tag that were placed. It would be helpful to be able to select the object and then drag the tag to the required location without having to cancel the tagging feature.

13.There needs to a snap override for circuiting. A way to turn off the endpoint, midpoint, center, etc. and to select the electrical connector.

14.There seems to be a flaw with switching. When adding two lighting fixture from two different circuits Revit automatically adds one circuit to the other. In reality this would be a localized situation and would not require running a new hot-leg to the circuit.

15.The ability for Revit to circuit is an awesome feature. However, it would be nice to group the circuiting to the switching system. If you have a room and a corridor, currently Revit circuits them randomly or by the nearest fixture. Why can’t Revit circuit the fixture that go to the switch in the room, circuit the corridor fixtures to the motion sensor system, and then circuit the corridor and room together, so that circuiting is grouped?

16.I noticed that when I tried to purge unused from Revit it purged out the wire ticks that were being used. Who knows what other things were in use that Revit may have purged.

17.The whole printing process needs to be simplified. Since there are so many ignorant architects, engineers and designers wanting pdf drawings, couldn’t Autodesk do something to make pdfs more integrated and the creation there of more smooth?

18.Revit need a converter program for importing AutoCAD drawings, rather than having to completely redo all diagram drawing that we have in our library, would it not be possible to have Revit import line weights from AutoCAD based on the applied ctb? This would simplify the process incredibly.
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Re: Wish list

05-20-2008 02:54 AM in reply to: ArynBergman
In regard to item 5, there's a workaround for this using filters and visual graphics. It works quite well - too long to describe here, unfortunately, but if you email me, I'll send you something to explain it.
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Re: Wish list

09-17-2009 02:37 PM in reply to: ArynBergman
A couple of these items have been worked on, but for the most part they remain untouched. Again, these were back in 2007, so there has been plenty of time to fix these things.
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