Revit MEP Wishes

Revit MEP Wishes

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Plumbing Wish List

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09-25-2007 08:00 AM
I just finished training with revit MEP 2008 and have a few items I (and my co-workers) would like to see in the next release:

1. Address venting! A sanitary line's route is dictated by venting. I know different places use different codes, but if you figure on the ICC you should be alright.

2. System pipe types. This is severely lacking. You have hot and cold water, hydronic hot and cold, sanitary and other. Every designed a hospital? We have 3-4 in design right now. Thank goodness we don't have to use Revit MEP for them. In a hospital, you have all kinds of medical gases. In regular design, you have vent pipe, you have combustion air pipe, you have flue pipe....need I go on?

3. Stacks. We have to submit stack diagrams to get a building permit. Revit MEP kinda ignores it. You can use a 3d view to get a half-@%$ stack, but that to would get rejected due to a lack of traps. You have to show traps on your fixtures which is another wish list item.

4. Gas piping. Please add gas piping to the next release. Not only piping, but enough intelligence to calculate the pipe size based on the fuel code. Every time you place a gas pipe connection to a piece of equipment, please put in a connection to allow valves. I put a shut off valve a dirt leg in each connection, but it would be nice if revit did it.

5. Families. This is my last complaint for the moment. It would be nice if you could use surface model to create solid models to us in families. You might be able to right now and I am simply ignorant of it. Many manufacturers have surface models but no solid models.

So far I am impressed with Revit MEP 2008 and I (and my co-workers) have big expectations for the next release. We are going to start using it and we need some additional tools to get the job done. Please help Autodesk!
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Re: Plumbing Wish List

05-18-2008 09:00 AM in reply to: jgallant
I totally agree with you. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be available in the new (2009) release either. I intend to make some kind of workaround for this. Might be that you guys have come up with a solution in the mean time.
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Re: Plumbing Wish List

05-18-2008 03:12 PM in reply to: jgallant
Wish in one hand...

I received Revit MEP 2009 a couple of weeks ago, and have started digging into it. I had high hopes for 2009 myself.

The valve library is larger than it was in the 2008 version, but falls far short of meeting a real-world piping designer's needs. All the valves are generic.

Now you can draw pipe in an elevation view, but you have to make sure that the pipe you want to start from is closest to you in the view. That means that you have to cut a section to isolate the pipe you want to start from and draw in that section.

However, you still cannot effectively draw piping in a 3D view. Revit wants to draw in the XY plane. You can draw piping between pipe connectors in the 3D view, and, if you have everything lined up horizontally, Revit makes a reasonable looking connection. If everything is not lined up, you'll get 17 degree elbows and who knows what else.

What we need, guys, is the ability to draw in the three principal directions in a 3D view. Plumbing designers have to submit riser diagrams, and they are typically isometric views. You can draw the horizontal sanitary waste and vent piping in plan view, and now you can draw the risers and revents in elevation views, but there are still occasions when you want to draw in the isometric view. The cute little view cube would be the perfect tool for setting the active work plane, but, alas, it just changes the view direction. However, it is a great tool for setting the view direction.

Maybe in the 2010 version...
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Re: Plumbing Wish List

05-28-2008 10:45 AM in reply to: jgallant
Adding to the list
6. Cast iron no-hub fittings and pipe
7. Better customization of single line symbology. The single line views are so bad currently that we have adopted double line as a standard for now.
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Re: Plumbing Wish List

09-17-2009 02:32 PM in reply to: jgallant
I find it interesting that none of these items have been taken care of, but many of them are a common theme throughout the wishlist and this is originally posted in 2007! Edited by: chriswade on Sep 17, 2009 9:32 PM
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