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Metric to default to m/s instead of FPM

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04-24-2007 10:54 AM
An option/s in the settings/mechanical to set default units?

Right now I can enter m/s when sizing duct. But if I go back to the sizing menu, it shows the last value used in FPM. It has converted it.

It would be nice if it would stay put in m/s once entered, be an option in settings or a drop-down/radio button on the sizing window itself.

The latter would be best, specially when working with teams from different "measurement designations" ... changing the option in the drop-down would update the units field.

There might be a usability issue with that. I.e. that it is faster to type your units than selecting them? But if you are always working in metric, it would make sense to skip that detail, wouldn't it? and if so the drop down works as a calculator of sorts. Most of the time not used, but saving keystrokes each time. Ok, the selection works well, i.e. you double-click and you get the numeral selected. But it could work _swell_ if a single click defaulted to full selection. This is how the program works on other parts with regards to selection.


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