Revit MEP Wishes

Revit MEP Wishes

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Re: Electrical Conduit

07-24-2009 07:21 AM in reply to: RedMan77
We use ducts for rectangular conduits. Works amazingly well. It's a workaround with its drawbacks, but nevertheless works.
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Re: Electrical Conduit

07-27-2009 06:27 AM in reply to: RedMan77
Please forgive me if this sounds too harsh becasue that isnt my intention. There is a part of me that cringes when I hear " works well or we use this as a work-around". My reasoning however biased it may be is that when Autodesk sees comments like these they make electrical conduit a feature that is placed lower and lower on their lists of priorities. Why should they add code to the software if we are getting by with using piping? Most all electrical folks know that the outside diameters of electrical and mech piping are different. In most cases the differences are negligible. In cases I have dealt with, such as Central Utility Plants, those differences matter. We all know the work-arounds by now but after 5 releases of this product we should have this feature by now. I guess the only thing we can do is to say loudly and continaully enough with the work-arounds.
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Re: Electrical Conduit

07-28-2009 10:20 AM in reply to: RedMan77
Don't Forget BUS DUCT or CABLE TRAYS. I had to settle with downloading what someone else created, which usually doesn't work. The "conduit" could also contain info about the wires and circuits being run through them. We'll need J-boxes, too.
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Re: Electrical Conduit

02-18-2010 08:48 AM in reply to: RedMan77
So I have 2010 Revit MEP and still no conduit? or am I missing something?
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Re: Electrical Conduit

04-23-2010 12:11 PM in reply to: RedMan77
I'm pleased to say that Revit MEP 2011 includes conduit and cable tray objects as their own types. You can create runs without elbows for modeling bent conduit or cable tray that is cut to make a bend or model with elbows when the conduit or cable tray type uses an actual fitting to make the bend. There are also new schedule types for conduit and cable tray runs that will report the overall length of the run including a bend.

David Pothier

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Re: Electrical Conduit

05-30-2011 01:18 PM in reply to: RedMan77

I know this is late in the posting, but it needs to be said.

MEP has conduit, at least in 2011 it does.  What it needs now is conduit duct banks.

It needs the ability to create a duct bank family.  My thought are it would work like drawing the cross section & extrude the duct bank along a path.

Please create a DUCT BANK tool.

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Re: Electrical Conduit

06-14-2011 03:33 AM in reply to: Negaquark


Are the parallel conduit runs in 2012 what you are looking for?

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Re: Electrical Conduit

09-12-2012 12:03 PM in reply to: embolisim

Parallel conduits can be used but I also need to have them encased in concrete.

The concrete also contains rebar. The rebar that run perpendicular to the run can vary depending if run under vehicle pavement.

I've learned a lot since my original post.  I've created a variable length family that I place in blocks.  It  works well with sections as well. 

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