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Often we want a wall to attach to the underside of a stair, but at present this needs to be done manually by editing the profile of a wall. 


If we could use the attach function that would be a big time+error saver

Export Schedule tables to CSV

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor tauber on ‎01-23-2017 10:32 AM

We're only given a .txt option when exporting schedules.  It would be great if we could at least get a CSV file option which removes a renaming step.

Filter manager

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast Rivera-Artes on ‎01-21-2017 08:22 AM

Revit should have a filter manager, wher we can create filter settings, deploy to templates and see which filter are in use and also edit filters settingd globally in selected templates

Fill Pattern Generator

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator mpwuzhere on ‎01-20-2017 07:43 AM

A Fill Pattern Generator/Creator should be part of Revit, or included as a separate program for both Autocad and Revit users as part of the Building Design Suites or Collections.


Reliance for using such tools should fall on Autodesk, not on 3rd Parties that are not always forthcoming with new releases of Autodesk products and their add-ins.


This is NOT an idea to revamp the entire system of creating patterns.  There are several add-ins already available, but some are quite outdated.  

Much like how landings have the flexibility to be modified by push/pulling the control grips (blue arrows), I would like this capability with the first and last tread of each stair run in a component stair.


In order to avoid having 'Jump' railings and to keep the railings at 3'-6" and 3'-0" respectively, we have to convert our component stairs to sketch-based to modify these treads to be 6" and 1'-5" (tread + 6").


Would it be possible to make this feature parametric? This would allow us to keep the stair runs by ‘component’, which would be a huge jump in productivity and ease of use:


Details.pngRevit comp stair converted sketch w dimensions.jpg



If you create a number parameter, initially it will be blank.


But once you've entered a value, you can never set it back to blank.


You can do this for text parameters.


Lets have some consistency here, allow blank values.


(For a formula Autodesk can set blank to generate the same value as zero)

Duplicated Area Schemes

Status: Gathering Support
by Contributor chris.mckeown on ‎01-22-2017 05:20 PM

It would be good if you could duplicate Area Schemes with Area Lines and Areas. We can create new Schemes and copy Areas Lines between schemes, but can not duplicate Areas. The only work around is using Bonus Tools tool 51 Copy Areas or duplicate the Revit file, rename the Area Scheme in the copied file to match the new scheme and copy the Areas Level by Level (this is the only way to copy the colour scheme too). What should take a couple of minutes becomes a 30mins process...

Duplicate a sheet

Status: Gathering Support
by Participant damjanuzelac on ‎01-20-2017 03:42 AM

Please add the feature to duplicate a sheet - i.e. just right-click on a sheet and go to duplicate without views (perhaps ask for a neme at that point.) 

REVIT Annotation

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer MinaZargarsaleh on ‎01-20-2017 09:14 AM

It would be very helpful if there was an option to Snap a text box's leader.

For example when you place a text box on a plan view and you want its leader to be pointing to a specific point. It would be very helpful if you could drag the leader and place it on that specific point by snapping it. 

(Autodesk CAD software's leader has this option.)

It sure would be nice to have a quick way to merge duplicate styles to clean up a project.


I put a lot of effort making sure my template is clean and pure, but when it comes to a real project, things get messy fast.


For example, I may end up with linestyles called "Heavy", "HEVY", "HEV", "HVY" and "Lineweight 4" as a result of copy and paste from other projects, downloading from the web, and giving the intern redlines.  I know they should all be the same, but there is no easy way to merge.  I cannot select all instances in project for lines (bummer) and if i have 100 details, it will take forever to select and change type for each view.  I can delete the bad line styles, but then they all end up Lineweight 1, which does not print they way i want.


Same issue with Fill Patterns, Filled Regions, Text Styles, Dim Styles, etc.

End with Riser (Stairs)

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer galen_dbvw on ‎01-20-2017 11:00 AM - last edited on ‎01-20-2017 11:02 AM |

Allow End with Riser to be checked after the fact but not change the Relative Top Height of the run.

Allow the creation of schedules which can include all object category's including system family's.


currently system family's can't be included in multi category schedules.

This means model data checks on generic parameters need multiple schedules.


Opening this would intheory also allow more powerful relation scheduling.

For example door-wall, fitting wall. All objects relating to a space etcetera.


Similar named parameters can be a real problem in projects, and can be very frustrating when scheduling. To avoid this you should get a warning when loading a family or adding a parameter name that already exists in your project. But has a different GUID.


Ideally you should be given the option to replace the duplicate  parameter name with the one already exciting n your project.

It would be great to be able to toggle on and off fire tape automatically built into the walls based on the fire rating.  Similar to how the analytical lines work for structural components.  it could be a subcategory option under walls to control.  I would like to have it as patterns and color-coded if desired (or have it black/white for some views), but I would also like to be able to turn it off if needed.  I would like it to look good in all scales and be able to show the wall in the fine detail as well if desired.  Not sure if the rated walls need to be fine detail, but I would like to see the exterior, CMU, and concrete unrated walls in fine detail while the fire tape is turned on.

what we need in Revit is the ability to toggle on or off Zero Values in a schedule and also have tags not report Zero values.  I should expand that this is an issue with number and integer parameters. I still want to count the column in the schedule but do not want the 0 to display. Sure we could set the parameter to text but text does not have calculated totals ability. 


here is the feature in excel, something similar with a checkbox in the schedule properties and when creating tags I would also like the tag to not report the 0 so would need a check within the tag family.



It would be A BLESS to be able to create a subcategory in user material libraries.

For example, I can have a Category of "Metals" and then "Iron, Steel & Aluminium" as subcategories! This will help with keeping a clean and neat material library!

Ok this used to bother me in AutoCAD... years later it outright makes me INSANE in Revit.  When I want to cycle undos and redos, I don't want the view state (angle, zoom, etc) to move AT ALL.  In other words, when I click undo/redo, I'd like to see/verify the results in the exact context of where I am looking.  What I don't want (which is the current method) is to click undo/redo and the view jumps to some unknown angle, and I have to find what I was looking at.  Do this a few times and it's a real inconvenience.


Undo/Redo should only relate to the objects themselves.  Leave Rewind for view states.

Curtain Wall Mullion TAG

Status: Gathering Support
by Enthusiast Yien_Chao on ‎01-19-2017 12:04 PM

we can tag curtain panel and system, but why not the mullions?

im using material tag now, but it is not very practical.



Curved Plan region

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate mostafa90 on ‎01-22-2017 02:26 AM

is it possible to allow sketching curves for Plan Region?

Lock / Unlock Worksets

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer brianberggren2027 on ‎01-17-2017 02:08 PM

It would be great if we could Lock / Unlock Worksets.  Like layers in AutoCAD.

That way I can lock out Worksets that I don't want to touch.  Could add this to view properties / view templates.

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