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Windows and doors wont detect "to rooms and from rooms" in certain projects.

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09-17-2013 09:56 PM

I have just started utilizing the power of rooms parameters in my schedules and it all works perfectly in new and older projects.

In a couple of drawings my window and door schedules wont populate the "to room:" or "from room: parameter" fields.


There is no phasing in the jobs and room calculation points (familiar with these) in the families make no difference. The room heights are set to either 2400 or ceiling height, neither option makes any difference.


I tried opening up an older drawing (Revit 2012) and updated it to Revit and created some rooms and it works.


I have placed some ceiling fans in rooms and yes they populate the electrical schedules showing the rooms names etc.

I have even copied the objects into a new template and they work fine there as well.

And yes I have copied the schedules from the drawings that work to the one that wont populate to see if that works but know luck.




Any ideas?

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Re: Windows and doors wont detect "to rooms and from rooms" in certain

09-19-2013 11:42 AM in reply to: Marcusono
If you are working in 2014, there is a new feature called 'Room Calculation Point' .. check and see if that helps with the issue you are facing with.
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