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Which Viewers to install????

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02-24-2004 03:45 PM
I am crossposting this to the "Buzzsaw, Express Viewer and Revit" discussion groups since this affects all of them. It is not at all clear which viewers/creators should be used with which products and when they should not be used. I am getting mixed results using the example DWF files provided on Product CD's from Autodesk and mixed messages as to what should be installed to view the different file types. I need to know so that we can create SMS packages to push to all of the workstations. On some workstations, I have: AutoCAD 2002 -DWF 6 add-on driver for AutoCAD 2002 AutoCAD 2004 Buzzsaw Client -Powered by Volo View 3 -AutoVue for Buzzsaw -Express Viewer Revit 6 -Autodesk Revit DWFwriter Autodesk DWF Writer - New Does the "Powered by Volo View 3" eliminate the use or need for the "Express Viewer" on those machines where the Buzzsaw client will be installed? On the Revit 6 CD's I just received, there are DWF files that "Express Viewer" (which is the default DWF viewer) will not open. When I start the "Powered by Volo View 3" and open the file, the graphics are disassociated from the borders. Now to complicate it, there is a new "Autodesk DWF Writer" that can be used by all authoring applications. Should I use the new "Autodesk DWF Writer" with AutoCAD and Revit and not use their other print drivers? Bottom line..... Which print drivers should be used with which applications, which viewers should or should not be installed in combinations and why, and why will the advertized de-facto DWF viewer "Express Viewer" not read all DWF's? Somebody please shine some official light on this madness.......... Please. Thanks, John
*John Story
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Re: Which Viewers to install????

03-01-2004 02:51 PM in reply to: *John Story
First let me apologize to all for a bad case of "(edited)" and my bad attitude.

Due to poor checking on my part, I had the wrong packages sequenced for install and did not get the current version of the Express Viewer as I had expected. The files from the Revit 6.0 CD work just fine with the current version of Express Viewer.

Thanks again for the help,
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