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Weather-board material

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09-20-2004 10:15 AM
Does anyone have a good weather-board material/texture?
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Re: Weather-board material

09-21-2004 06:35 PM in reply to: Ante
Try this link.
*Hugh Adamson
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Re: Weather-board material

09-22-2004 05:06 AM in reply to: Ante
We built this weatherboard pattern with HatchKit, our graphical hatch pattern editor. It's not very complex. Horizontal lines are infinite, vertical lines are finite and dots represent nails. Two sets of vertical breaks and nails are mixed to provide a random appearance. Download a demonstration version of HatchKit from to see this pattern's construction in a graphical way. Just open the file with HatchKit. You could easily modify this pattern to a different cladding width or fixing spacing. You could just as easily rotate the weatherboard strike to a different angle (but somehow I don't think that's likely). The next HatchKit release version (Version 2.4) broadens its scope by handling a wider variety of hatch pattern filetypes. It also improves file management for files containing multiple patterns and remembers where you were where you left off at the end of the last session. Reviteers don't gain a lot beyond Version 2.3 with 2.4 apart from bugfixes - but keep an eye out - Version 2.5 is going through the hoops and it has a way to create a hatch pattern from anything shown on your screen. .
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