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wall of different finishes

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01-22-2014 08:23 AM
Hello everyone. I just started new project in Revit (beginner) and I have a wall which has different finishes. At ground level up to first brickwork which from first floor is replaced by blockwork and render.
How do I do it? I tried split regions etc but don't know
the solution in the end
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Re: wall of different finishes

01-22-2014 10:47 AM in reply to: milaszka

There are a few methods:


1. Split Face-Paint; good for quick stidies--but Wall Edits may delete split faces--so not the best solution.


2. Stacked Walls--combine various Wall Types together into a Stacked Wall, each having different Material designations, and heights.


3. Parts--Divide; Create Parts, then create divisions/areas and apply various Materials in a single Wall. Parts may be used to "peel back" the individual "layers" of a compound wall as well. You can even create a 3D View, lock it--and anotate the different Materials using Tags.


Good luck!

Cliff B. Collins
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