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Wall Dimension Discrepancy

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03-07-2012 12:38 PM

When walls location line is set to "Core: Exterior Face" and dimensions are set to "Faces of Core" and  Pick: Entire Walls, the reported dimension differs from the listening dimensions.  The dimension and the measured distance are consistent but it seems like the location choice of "Core: Exterior Face" is being ignored and that the listening dimensions are working with the wall centerlines.


Has anyone else had this problem (Revit Architecture 2012)


Example: Using the Exterior - Brick on Mtl. Stud wall style, rectangle sketch mode, Core face: exterior mode sketch a 30'Hx42'W rectangle.  Then add an aligned dimension (entire wall, faces of core) by picking the right wall.  Reported dimension is 29'11 1/8", not 30' 0".  Either the dimensions are correct and both the exterior core alignment is ignored and listening dimensions are reporting incorrectly.  Please check and fix.  It is impossible to coordinate stud wall dimensions correctly without those basic capabilities.

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Re: Wall Dimension Discrepancy

03-07-2012 05:24 PM in reply to: dbroad

You're right. I think Revit gets confused about where to place the sketch (listening) dimensions when you do these walls with the Rectangle tool. I notice that if I do the walls one by one with the line tool, creating a rectangle, the final result is exactly the same as the sketch dimension.


I would go to Manage > Additional Settings > Temporary dimensions, and specify Faces of core. Then, create the rectangle at approximate dimensions; and as soon as the rectangle is finished, I would change the value of the temporary dimensions to the desired exact value.

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Re: Wall Dimension Discrepancy

03-08-2012 09:47 AM in reply to: dbroad

Thanks Alfred,


I hope the Revit developers are paying attention here.  It could be so much better if the rectangle sketch method worked.  I will keep trying to tweak the settings and see if anything changes.

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Re: Wall Dimension Discrepancy

03-08-2012 12:55 PM in reply to: dbroad

Revit should add the capability for temporary dimensions to be measured from the walls location line IMO.

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Re: Wall Dimension Discrepancy

03-28-2012 05:44 PM in reply to: dbroad

Hi dbroad,

Currently the rectangle tool creates dimensions related to the center of walls rather than the location line setting.  This is an issue that has previously been logged with our Development group. The following link is setup for you to submit feature requests, or feedback, directly to our Development group:​123112&id=1109794

I recommend using this feedback link as our Development group is always interested in your feedback and coming from actual end users offers a compelling business case.

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