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Transparency issue Exporting to ACAD

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09-04-2012 02:45 AM


Hi all,


I am come across an issue and I have not seen any blog posts or forum discussions about it yet.  In Revit 2012, I would be able to make an object transparent to view the objects behind it.  I would then be able to export this view to ACAD and it would appear fine.  I no longer appear to have this ability.  The view will appear properly in Revit 2013 and if I print to PDF.  But if I export it to ACAD, it appears without transparency.


I have attached a word file illustrating this ‘issue’.   I have toggled the graphics accelerator and antialiasing on and off.  I am in an Architectural view.  I have toggled different settings in the dwg export options with no luck.  I have even tried to use filters to adjust the transparency in case there was an issue with the manual object adjustment. 


Has anyone else come across anything similar to this?  Any other suggestions?  Is anyone else able to replicate this on their machines? (I have run this on a couple of machines, but I would like to completely rule out a ‘different machine’ issue.)



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